Register for the qualifiers to be a part of Team nookyyy

With Gamescom drawing closer we are excited to bring you the details how you can be a part of Team nookyyy and represent Germany in the 2018 edition of Join The Republic Community Challenge. The winners of the qualifiers will be one step closer to play on stage at Gamescom and be a part of a once in a lifetime experience!

Andre “nookyyy” Utesch will once again be the captain for team Germany in the Join The Republic Community Challenge 2018. Last year the German team under the leadership of nookyyy fell against the 2018 JTR runner up, IzakOOO. He is now hungry for revenge and on the lookout for the rising talent of Germany to be a part of his lineup. With the qualifiers soon to take place it is time for you to carefully choose your teammates and register for the Gamescom online Qualifiers!

Qualifier information and rules
All players who register for the online qualifiers are required to be a German citizen and above the age of 16. You need to have a valid FaceIt account so you can register for the qualifier and a team of five players.

Qualifier dates and starting times:
Qualifier 1 – August 8 19:00 CEST, Check in starts 18:00 CEST:
Qualifier 2 – August 11 16:00 CEST, Check in starts 15:15 CEST:
Qualifier 3 – August 12 16:00 CEST: Check in starts 15:15 CEST:

Qualifier format and Gamescom selection process
The qualifiers will be best of 1 using the built in FaceIt map bann system. Each team banns one map until only one map remains to be played. nookyyy will select eight players from the winners of three online qualifiers that will be joining him at Offline Auditions for the final selection process. The players selected will be mixed and do not have to be from the same lineup that they played in.

Once a team wins the qualifier they will be contacted by a tournament admin to provide their contact information. This is so the chosen players can be contacted once all qualifiers are completed.

All participating players are required to join the official qualifier Discord channel:

Important information to participate
All players needs to be prepared to go to the offline auditions starting from the August 22 in Köln which will take place over three days until August 25. Be prepared for days filled with Counter Strike, a ton of matches and challenges that will help nookyyy to decide who will be part of his team. All costs are covered so the only thing you need to focus on is to come prepared and the dedication needed to be a part of team Germany.