Markus “Pronax” Wallsten is the captain for Team Nordic – Join the audition at DreamHack Masters Stockholm

Few in the competitive Counter Strike scene can match Pronax when it comes to tournament results. He is known as a master tactician that is able to bring out the most of his teammates to overcome every challenge.

Pronax comes as a challenger into the Join the Republic Community Challenge but is no new face to the captains he will play against. Now you have chance to join his team through the auditions taking place online this weekend and offline at DreamHack Masters Stockholm September 1-2.

Online Audition format and rules
All players registering for the online audition for Pronax team are required to be at least 16 years old and available to go to DreamHack Masters on September 2nd for the final selection. Follow these steps to join the online audition.

-Gather a full team of five players to register for the online auditions.
-Register for the online auditions hosted on Faceit. You can find the registration links and dates for the online auditions below.
-The format of the online auditions will be best of one with the regular settings of Faceit map bann and veto. You can read all the rules regarding on the Faceit page.
-The team that wins the online audition will receive a form that all team members fills out. It will ask you for a brief explanation of yourself and why you should be picked for Pronax team.
-Pronax will in turn go through the answers in the form and select one player from the forms that will take part in the final team selection process taking place at DreamHack Masters Stockholm.
-Join the Discord channel for the online auditions so you can easily get in touch with the admin for the audition. Follow this Discord link to join the channel:

Note that being selected from the online audition to be a part of the offline auditions at DreamHack Masters Stockholm does not guarantee you a spot on the team. Pronax will select his four final team mates on September 2nd at the event.

All travel and accommodation is covered by Join The Republic Community Challenge.

Online Audition Registration
Down below you can find the dates for the two online auditions.
Online Audition 1 – August 24 18:00 CET, checkin starts 17:00 – Register Now
Online Audition 2 – August 25 16:00 CET, checkin starts 15:00 – Register Now

Offline auditions
The offline auditions are open for all participants of DreamHack Masters above the age of 16. The main part of the offline auditions will take part of September 1 with the final team members selected on September 2 in the ASUS ROG booth. Find your way to the booth and make sure to show Pronax why you deserve to be a member of his team!

Read more about DreamHack Masters at: