Day two was a wild ride with close matches that lead to plenty of overtime rounds! Check out the summary below to get up to speed!

Group Stage: Elimination Matches

The day started off with the elimination matches taking place early in the day at 13:00 CET. Team Sweden faced Team USA and Team Australia was paired up against Team Germany. With their tournament life on the line it was of course bound to be some heated comments and emotional moments. In the Team USA and Team Germany ended up advancing to the decider’s matches bound to be played later in the day.

Elimination Matches Final Score:
Team Sweden vs Team USA 1-2
Team Australia vs Team Germany 2-0

Match VODs Captain PoVs:
Team Sweden
Team USA
Team Australia
Team Germany

Group Stage: Winner´s Matches

Those who tried to predict the Winner´s Matches were surely in for a surprise. Team UK faced Team Russia meanwhile Team Poland squared off against Team France. Team UK lead by HenryG was not able to secure the victory over Team Russia lead by the experienced Ceh9 which had them being placed in the lower bracket of the group, Meanwhile Team France was able to defeat Team Poland in a drawn out series that really put the two teams to the test.

Winner’s Matches Final Score:
Team Russia vs Team UK 1-0
Team France vs Team Poland 1-0

Decider’s Matches

The last series of the day was captain HenryG vs the German captain Nookyyy. The Germans started off taking the first map in a convincing manner as the team from UK could not keep up. With fierce determination the UK squad evened out the score for the second map and managed to grab the last map after plenty of overtime rounds. Meaning that the underdogs from UK managed to reach the playoffs!

The match between Team Poland and Team USA had to be moved to the following day due to technical issues occuring during the broadcast.

Decider’s Match Final Score:
Team UK vs Team Germany 2-1