Starting off day three we had the mutch anticipated match between Team Poland vs Team USA that was delayed from the day before. The day would then continue with the two semi finals between Team UK vs Team France and Team Russia facing the winner of Poland/USA.

Decider’s Match – Poland vs USA

Team USA had no easy task on their hands as they were to face off against the powerhouse from Poland. Worth noting is that fl0m and IzakOOO are the only captains that has taken part of all three seasons of Join The Republic but never faced each other before which made the match a bit extra special.

The first map was Train which was Team USA’s pick. Sadly the winds of favor did not support the North American squad and the map ended 16-3 to Team Poland. The second map was Inferno which was picked by the Polish squad. This one proved to be a lot closer than the previous show but in the end the Polish team secured the victory with the standings of 16-14 and by that securing their spot in the semifinals.

Decider’s Match 2 Final Score: Team Poland vs Team USA 2-0

IzakOOO Match PoV
fl0m Match PoV

Semifinal 1: Team UK vs Team France

The cinderella story, also known as team UK, faced off against the French Captain HOUNGOUNGAGNE and his powerful teammates. The community predicted this to be a rather swift 2-0 for France and by that having them in the Grand Finals. Luckily for the Queen of Great Britain the match turned out to be a totally different show.

Dust2 kicked off the series and the French team showed great form and they did not allow the UK team to get into their groove and rotations. The map ended 16-11 and HenryG took the break to calm down his players and reforge their gameplan for the next map.

Coming back from the break it was time for Inferno as the second map. Making the most out of the break inbetween the maps the team from the UK came prepared and made the map a swift matter. With a strong momentum lasting for the full map they snatched the victory 16 to 6. The final map was Mirage which is known to be a rather balanced battleground in terms of not favoring one side more than another. This also showed in the match where every round was an intense fight and every frag mattered. Team UK did in the end win the map with the score 16-13 and by that secured themselves a spot in the Grand Finals of the tournament.

Seminfinal 1 Final Score: Team UK vs Team France 2-1

HenryG Match PoV

Semifinal 2: Team Poland vs Team Russia

In what most probably thought would be the Grand Finals we had Team Poland facing Team Russia for the chance to face Team UK in the finals. Many were curious to see what Captain Ceh9 had planned for the match meanwhile two time grand finalist IzakOOO was hungry for revenge from last year’s season.

Nuke was the first map in the series where Team Poland started as CT. With the map being heavily CT favored it was hard for Team Russia to mount the attack. In the end Ceh9 and his players had to see themselves defeated 16 to 4 as the final score for the map.

The second map was Overpass and the audience expected a more even fight but the Polish team did not want to give the Russian squad a slight chance. In a similar matter to the previous map the captain IzakOOO guided his team to victory round by round. They made quick work of the Russian squad and won the map with convincing 16-5 and by that reaching the grand finals.

Seminfinal 2 Final Score: Team Poland vs Team Russia 2-0

IzakOOO Match PoV
CEH9 Match PoV

The Grand Finals between Team UK and Team Poland will start 19:30 CET with a showmatch with all the team captains taking place before it kicks off. Make sure to tune into to support your favorite captain! You can also connect with us using the hashtag #JTR2018 & #JTRCommunityChallenge to let us know who you support! Don’t be late!