Day one is behind us and we had an exciting evening of matches when the first round played out and all teams were put on the line. Here is the rundow.

Team UK vs Team Australia

Old friends SPUNJ and HenryG were matched against each other in the first round. Team UK took quickly command over the match and SPUNJ together with is team mates from down under never made it back into the match to even out the score.

Final score UK vs Australia: 16-8

Team Poland vs Team Nordics

The reigning JTR champions faced off against the runner-up from Team Poland from last year’s grand finals in a much-anticipated match and it surely did not disappoint! They clashed on Mirage and took rounds back and fort but in the end the Polish crew proved too strong for Pronax to overpower.

Final score Poland vs Nordics: 16-10

Team Germany vs Team Russia

Team Germany lead by Nookyyy who has been the team captain for all three seasons facec off against NaVi and CIS profile Ceh9. Both had been hard at work ahead of their match, preparing tactics and focusing pon getting their team synergy together. Ceh9 took the victory and would move to face HenryG in the winner match of the group.

Final score Team Germany vs Team Russia: 8-16

Team France vs Team USA

In the last match of the day we witnessed fl0m leading his American crew in the fight against HOUNGOUNGAGNE hailing from France. Both captains were the most crucial pieces in the match and performed very well along with the gathered players. Overpass ended in the favor of the French team and will be facing team IzakOOO in the winner’s match of Group A.

Final score Team France vs Team USA: 16-7

Day 1 Recap

Full Group Standings

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