Chad “SPUNJ” Burchill is back as the captain for Team Australia in Join The Republic Community Challenge 2018!

Chad “SPUNJ” Burchill was the previous in-game leader and captain of Renegades, now he is one of the top analysts in the Counter-Strike world. Spunj is a returning veteran returning since he was the captain for Australia in the first edition of Join The Republic Community Challenge and now he is back for the 2018 challenge, looking for uprising talents to be part of his team.

Online Audition format and rules
All players registering for the online audition for Spunj’s team are required to be at least 16 years old, from Australia and available to go to PAX Australia on October 25 to 28 for the final selection. The four players that are selected from the PAX Australia audition are required to be available for team building bootcamp November 17-19 and for the Grand Final January 1-8. Follow these steps to join the online audition.

– Register for the online auditions hosted on Faceit. You can find the registration links and dates for the online auditions below.

– The format of the online auditions will be two 5vs5 brackets, one to be played on Saturday and the remaining one on Sunday.

– A form will be sent out to the winning team of each qualifier where all players will fill in their answers and information.

– Spunj will in turn go through the answers in the form and select one player from the forms, that will take part in the final team selection process taking place at PAX Australia in Melbourne.

– Join the Discord channel for the online auditions so you can easily get in touch with the admin for the audition. Follow this Discord link to join the channel:

-The selected player will be contacted shortly after the online auditions.

Note that being selected from the online audition to be a part of the offline auditions at PAX Australia does not guarantee you a spot on the team. SPUNJ will select his four final team mates on October 28 at the event.

All travel and accommodation is covered by Join The Republic Community Challenge for the player qualifying through the online audition.

Online Audition Registration
Online Audition 1 – October 20 at 4pm UTC+11, checkin starts at 3pm – Register Now
Online Audition 2 – October 21 at 4pm UTC+11, checkin starts at 3pm – Register Now

Offline Auditions at PAX AUSTRALIA
If you do not make it through the online auditions you still have the chance to join SPUNJ and represent Australia by coming to the offline auditions hosted at PAX Australia Friday October 26 and October 27 in the ASUS booth. Make sure to swing by early on these two days to not miss your chance to meet SPUNJ and show your skill!

Read more about PAX Australia on the official website:

Best of luck to all participants!