How can i reach the global finals?


Showcase your skills both online and at LAN to prove you deserve a spot on your regional Captain’s team.


The strongest players from the Audition will be selected for an interview with the Captain. The most successful teams are dynamic and have great communication, so the captain needs to know who you are besides a dedicated gamer.

Team member

If you make it through the Audition and Interview, you are now a member of the team and have qualified for Grand Finals—Congratulations! You will receive an ASUS ROG gaming kit to practice on for the global finals, where your team will participate against other regions!

In the Spotlight

Yin “LoveLing” Le

LoveLing has played most of his life in the famous OMG team from China between 2013 and 2015. Reaching the WCG Finals and Worlds LoveLing established himself as a top player early in the LOL era and is now a beloved Streamer and influencer.

Captains choice


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